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Growing up with a passion for everything prehistoric, Lucas Petrin entered Rowan University with the intention of studying paleontology. Having developed a substantial interest in art as well, Lucas found his way into Biomedical Illustration, and will be graduating with a BFA in Spring 2020. Fossil Fracas was cooked up for quite some time alongside other projects, and will mark the first in a series of works.

As a longtime card and board game player, Fossil Fracas is a labor of love intended to fix some of the issues I've had, resolve some displeasure in my favorite party games, and most importantly make something I'd want to see!

One of these issues was the lack of pick up and play games around prehistory. Accuracy and cramming as many species into a game as humanly possible are two big goals, with fun and silly characters designed to represent a massive span of long dead animals, while not being too ridiculous or abstract. Beyond characters, time periods and disasters are strictly designed to their setting, with small liberties being taken on the date and times they occurred. Information like size comparison to my human, Hugh, and other small tidbits of info help tie the fun to some facet of education as well!

Hidden Profiles are the core mechanic to the game, where players start with the unknown in front of them. Beyond that, I'm designing Fossil Fracas to be entirely modular in its design. Classic Mode for example pits two teams, the Predators and Prey against each other, while attempting to use Ochre and Action to discern alliances, teams and deceptions. The Apex and Disaster cards may be added to speed up or slow down the game as needed. Other rule-sets are in development, for example a traditional collectible card game (CCG) type mode for groups below 4 players.

The idea is to make Fossil Fracas a game that can change with the number of players, the pieces in hand and the type of player, but still holding on to that feeling and core concept both intellectually and fun-wise with each mechanic and deviation I make. Beyond the original project and card game, sky's the limit! Education is one of my most treasured values, and any board games, expansions and even books beyond Not-So-NIce Age are sure to try and make it fun and accessible for a wide audience!

As a final note, Fossil Fracas is going to be a major part of my BFA Thesis. This means that development, production, and any satellite works I create underneath the umbrella are art projects just as much as they are products, games, et cetera. With my first work, Not-So-Nice Age being listed on Kickstarter, any profits or funds raised beyond production of the game go directly into funding the next piece, print or project within Fossil Fracas and my college career.

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