Since I was young, I had dreamed of being a researcher, a scientist, a zookeeper, even a paleontologist. Being obsessed with dinosaurs, large animals, and everything in between, i found myself drawing and learning constantly. Flash forward a decade or so, and I found my soul in elephants. As one of the last truly giant animals to roam the Earth in the foreseeable future, elephants have captured the minds and imagination of humans from Paleolithic to Modern times. And we've certainly captured them. With the rise and fall of elephants, our grasp on a truly iconic group of animals begins to slip once more. In Truncated, my goal is to explore the elephant in totality. The history, the anatomy, biology and future of these late proboscideans inspires me like nothing has before, and whether or not I'm able to make a difference, I think I at least have a global story worth telling. So join me. Experience Truncated.

Truncated in the Covid-19 Crisis

Truncated, East Coast Elephants was originally scheduled to be presented from April 6th to 10th, with an opening on April 7th. At first, I had designed the following post card to be hung around Rowan University's Glassboro Campus, where the show would be taking place. Only an hour after hanging the post cards did I hear word that campus would be likely to close. Following a retraction of all cards I was able to collect, Rowan University canceled all activities for the rest of the semester. Among these activities was Truncated, East Coast Elephants. Shorty after, the campus would be closed at the request of New Jersey's State Government. With this, even hanging the work I had printed would be out of the question. Truncated, East Coast Elephants has decidedly transitioned to be known as Truncated Part One: East Coast Elephants. The work I have finished will slowly be added to this site, along with in progress shots and concepts for the future. No matter what happens, Truncated will continue here. 

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An (Old) Invitation For You

"Invitation, Truncated", Post Card, Lucas Petrin, 2020

The final invitation for Truncated, East Coast Elephants. Printed on 16 pt paper, with matte finish on the back. Produced for advertisement in anticipation of Truncated, East Coast Elephants

The original cards had been distributed roughly hours before they were recalled. Approximately 24 cards were lost in the ensuing retraction, with many otherwise in the hands of those invited. The card features the piece "American Mastodon in Coldsnap" Prominently.