Truncated: East Coast Elephants

Welcome to Part 1 in Truncated's story, East Coast Elephants. Updates will be posted to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram regarding the uploading or release of new content. Stay tuned for new work, messages or more!

Clide The Columbian Mammoth, a headshot prepared for a new project.

Part 1: ECE

Truncated East Coast Elephants was designed to be exhibited in a gallery space. Comprising largely of posters, certain sculptures and interactive features are currently absent from the "exhibition". New content will be uploaded throughout April, though images will be prioritized over text at first.

-Lucas Petrin

Deinotherium: Studies of the Head, Digital, 2020

Asian Elephant Body Sketches, 2018

Based on Smithsonian and Bronx Zoo elephants, these watercolors were some of the first images painted for Truncated.

Dental Progression of Loxodonta cyclotis, 2019-20

Originally printed for display and distribution, this brochure features specimens from Drexel's Academy of Natural Sciences. Special thanks once more to Ned Gilmore for access to the mammalogy collections.

Elephant Injury Plates, 2019

Referencing the main struggles of each remaining elephant species, these specimen plates provide basic information and a representation of the global issues that helped inspire Truncated.