Fossil Fracas: A Whole New Species of Team-Based, Prehistoric Presumption

Fossil Fracas is a series of games and content, with its first edition designed originally for 4-11 players, using hidden Profile cards and investigative Ochre cards to pit players in a team fueled race against extinction. Players take up the role of an extinct species to try and defeat their Predators or devour their Prey with Actions, all while contending with some of Earth's greatest Disasters. Games of Fossil Fracas may take from 30 minutes to an hour, and are recommended for ages 13+

Not-So-Nice Age, Fossil Fracas' first edition, features 10 animals that experienced major changes leading up to and throughout the Pleistocene! Currently featuring a whopping total of 1 Disaster and 1 Apex Predator, the classic struggle of Predator and Prey unfolds with the coming Glaciers, and strange new hairless apes.

 Fossil Fracas overall is a work in progress. However, this project is also part of a BFA thesis. Find out more in the About Me section

Fossil Fracas: Not-So-NIce Age

The Base Game

Fossil Fracas; Not-So-Nice Age is a deductive, team-based game where the last team left alive wins. In Classic Mode, Players are randomly handed a hidden Profile Card which places them on two teams, the Predators and Prey. Predators need to find their Prey and devour them, while Prey need to find their Predators and stop them dead in their tracks. Once all members of one of the teams are Extinct, the surviving team wins the game! 

Current contents include:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 10 White Ice Counters
  • 1 Blue Ice Counter
  • 10 Profile Cards- 5 Prey, 5 Predators
  • 1 Apex Profile Card
  • 1 Disaster Card
  • 11 Lifespan Tracker Cards
  • 10 Ochre Cards
  • 60 Action Cards

Playtesting the first "real" version of the game!

Playing the Game

From many experiences, games of Fossil Fracas take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. After a few games, turns can pass even faster, and game time shrinks.


Deeper into the Past

Mass Extinctions are my bread and butter. As time goes on, I hope to move backwards in the content I cover, introducing something new (and old) each time.

A Work In Progress

Now that the game is finished, there's more to come! Stay up to date in The Works.